Elasticity vs Scalability

Elasticity and Scalability are two fundamental concepts when designing cloud native applications, however they can be difficult to define.

Github Profiles

Github has recently added a new feature that allows you to create your very own Profile using a README.md file stored in a repository.

The profile README.md allows you to be able to create a more in depth profile bio using, images, videos and yes GIFs! The README.md will be pinned at the top of your profile, making it the first thing that viewers to your profile will see.

Optimising hibernate queries with tuples

The Java Persistence API (JPA) is a wonderful way of bridging the gap between SQL databases and object-oriented programming.

My preferred implementation of choice is Hibernate, but often Hibernate will generate long and complex SQL statements, that can cause slow queries to occur quickly. Developers will often “solve” this problem by writing native SQL statements, but it turns out that there is an alternative approach.

Leading by examples: using nested hamcrest matchers

I often refer to Marc Philipp’s excellent Hamcrest Quick Reference guide when choosing which hamcrest matchers to use when writing my unit and integration tests.

I use nested hamcrest matchers all the time, often without even releasing, so I thought I would put together some example uses of nested matchers.

Setting up Spring and CORS using hostnames

The Spring framework has a number of ways in which adding CORS to your application can be achieved. I usually implement a Web Filter, rather than using Spring’s configuration, as I often find myself having to implement some logic around which hostnames are accepted by the application’s CORS policy (rather than Origins). Rather than use a Web Filter, I wanted to see if it can be done using Spring Config.