A New Decade. A New Pledge.

I originally setup this blog in 2015, with the aim of the showcasing some of my ideas and thoughts, along with being able to highlight some of my personal projects. How many blog posts did I publish between 2015 and 2019 I hear you ask? Well… just the one!

My aim for the next decade is quite simple - it is to blog some of my ideas and thoughts on a regular basis. I’ll also start to showcase some of my side projects that I’m currently (and have been previously) working on.

I’m also trying to gauge the style of writing on the blog, so you might see some rather different writings styles from time to time.

Happy reading!

Luke Hackett
Luke Hackett
Senior Software Engineer

Luke is a senior fullstack software engineer, amateur photographer, a reader of many subjects, and a global traveller who occasionally blogs about some of his interests and discoveries.